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Cover Song Distribution

Cover song distribution that will make your music more popular.
Your cover song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Instagram, Tik Tok and over 200 platforms worldwide.

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Unlimited Cover Distribution

It's never been easier to distribute cover songs
Cover songs are often considered more popular than the original. For a musician, performing a cover of a song is the way to the top of the charts. And the more original the cover song is recorded, the more hit the original - the more chances to get into the world charts and become a popular musician all over the world.

Distribute cover songs legally

It is very important to get permission and legally distribute the cover version to all digital platforms. With our platform it is simple, convenient, legal and fast. When you upload a cover version and tick the "cover song" box, our team will obtain a license (permission) for you and distribute the release. Copyright royalties, reports and other complicated actions in the past. The musician creates cover versions of world hits, and our team will take care of the rest.

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Cover songs receive a lot of royalties

Cover songs also receive royalties, and often these amounts are much more than the original tracks. Each cover version is listened to by a large number of fans of the original track. And if they like your version of a cover of a song, they will definitely become your fan too. The number of plays is increasing. Our music distribution platform offers artists constantly updated analytics of how their music is performing on streaming services.

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