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Affiliate program

Join the Affiliate Program and get paid every time a referred musician gets paid by putting your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Instagram, Tik Tok and over 200 platforms worldwide.

Effortless Monthly Income
Effortless Monthly Income

Probably everyone dreams of earning extra income without spending a lot of time and effort. We offer monthly and completely passive income in the music distribution business. Participation in our partner program allows you to receive every month 5 percent (lifetime 5% commission) of the income of invited musicians who are interested in distributing their music around the world. You can receive US$50, US$100, US$500 or more each month. No effort.

How it works

The musician registers and distributes his music using your affiliate link. Our system fixes from whom the new musician came. For example, from you. The musician receives royalties (revenue) for their music, and you receive 5% of the income of the guest musician. All statistics and income data is visible in the partner's personal account. Affiliate commission is charged from the income of the service. The service shares its commission with the partner. The musician does not lose anything. The musician receives a quality platform for the distribution of his music. How it works
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Record Label Services & Music Distribution

Here at New Music top, we are passionate about helping record labels. We provide services and music distribution for independent labels to reduce their stress and increase their global reach. Our customer service and innovative music technology has earned us a reputation as an efficient music distributor. Using our tools and industry knowledge, we'll take the hassle out of music distribution and let you focus on creating and guiding your artists towards a brighter future. By working with us, labels can take full advantage of strategic partnerships without breaking the bank's budget. While many other music distributors charge for tracks, albums and annual subscriptions, we can provide this for free!* We offer exclusive custom services to select quality independent labels for just a fraction of the royalty. *at the discretion of the editors, depending on the label's catalogue.

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